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RDW Dual Wall Heat Shrink Sleeving

Material AG000130S01 Category

RDW Dual Wall Heat Shrink Sleeving

A dual wall heat shrink sleeving for higher voltage applications.

Associated Gaskets stocks a variety of sizes, colours and configurations to suit your requirements.

RDW Dual Wall Heat Shrink Sleeving is a electrical sleeving which will shrink when exposed to heat. RDW has a 3:1 shrink ratio (24mm ID will shrink to 8mm ID) and roughly double the wall thickness of our thin wall styles of heat shrink (e.g. SCG and SCGS). Despite this extra overall wall thickness, RDW remains highly conformable and easy to use. It is highly flame retardant and has good self-extinguishing properties in addition to good resistance to copper corrosion, fungus and a range of chemicals.

RDW Dual Wall Heat Shrink Sleeving is used in applications with continuous temperatures between -55ºC and 85ºC. It is ROHS compliant and is often used for low voltage electrical applications such as the bundling or wires and cables. When applied, RDW provides a permanent waterproof barrier and environmental seal for electrical connections and can be used as an alternative to moulded parts for cable joins and breakouts. The high shrink ratio offered by RDW ensures cables and connectors and various sizes are insulated tightly.

AG offers our RDW Dual Wall Heat Shrink Sleeving in sizes ranging from 3mm ID through to 39mm ID as standard. This sleeving is available on either rolls (length varies depending on size) or boxes of pre-cut, 1.2mtr long lengths.

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