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PTFE Oxygen Thread Seal Tape Green

PTFE Oxygen Thread Seal Tape Green

A premium grade thread sealing tape manufactured specifically for oxygen service.

This premium sealing tape contains no solvents and is made from 99.6% PTFE. A different process is used during manufacture of this tape results in a higher tape density and the need for less tape for a lasting seal.

Our PTFE Thread Sealing Tape for oxygen service is a premium quality thread sealant.

This particular grade of sealing tape is not stretched during manufacture which gives it a higher density and results in the use of less tape to create a seal. Made from 99.6% PTFE, this tape also acts as a thread lubricant and anti-seize compound so it prevents electrolytic corrosion of threads.

All solvents are removed during manufacture of this tape which is critical for oxygen sealing. When operating in a pure oxygen environment, remaining volatiles can react with the oxygen and cause an explosion, so the tape is put through a rigorous process to remove the solvent.

Our PTFE Oxygen Thread Seal Tape is compatible with liquid and gaseous oxygen and can be used on a range of different threaded materials. It has been approved by BOC and tested and approved by BAM.

This tape is green in colour and able to be used in applications between -268°C and +260°C.

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PTFE Oxygen Thread Seal Tape, Green

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