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PTFE Flange Spray Shields

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PTFE Flange Spray Shields

These spray shields are used to help contain high temperature and hazardous media if there is a gasket or seal failure.

Commonly used on flanges and valves, they come in a range of sizes and can be custom made to suit your requirements.

AG’s PTFE Flange Spray Shields are manufactured with a high quality PTFE coated fibreglass cloth and an easy-view PTFE central strip. Fabricated utilising either a PTFE coated fibreglass or Nomex® thread and draw cords, they have a maximum operating temperature of 204ºC. The Spray Shields are UV stabilised and are resilient against the external elements such as rain, various emissions and sunlight.

Our PTFE Spray Shield’s come complete with a clear PTFE centre section that allows for easy visual identification of any leaks whilst simultaneously offering some resistance against contact with aggressive chemicals. These also have the added benefit of being fire and tear resistant. They are available in ANSI, DIN and PN flange sizes and are easily installed by a single person whilst at the same time ensuring that the safety of others is kept. Use of our Spray Shields also assist organisations meet new regulations set by agencies such as OSHA, EPA, MSHA, SOLAS, ABS and DNV.

In addition to our standard range of sizes, AG can also produce custom made flange spray shields for non-standard flanges. Utilising our wide variety of stocked materials, this allows us to strengthen individual elements of the shield (such as the cord) where required. For more information on the options available, please contact your local AG branch.

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