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Pacothane Release Film

Material AG000708S01 Category

Pacothane Release Film

Typically used when multi-layered materials are being bonded to stop the sheets from sticking together.

Pacothane Release Film is a very economical, high quality film used in a variety of release applications. Capable of performance in applications with temperatures up to 204ºC (for 6 hours), Pacothane® will not embrittle, shrink, discharge colours or lose its easy release properties under usual process conditions.

This film is typically used when multi-layered materials are being bonded as a way of allowing the bonding process to be applied to more than one sheet at a time, whilst stopping the sheets from sticking together. It is also used in applications where bonding agents are being applied to precise surface areas (and not to their surrounds). In these situations Pacothane provides an easy and clean release whilst also serving as a protective buffer between separator plates and multi-layer panels.

Supplied with a smooth surface and offering excellent conformal properties, AG’s Pacothane release film is free of contaminants and embedded impurities whilst also being essentially chemically inert. This results in no out-gassing, no plate residue and no contamination of vacuum systems.

Available Sizes

AG offers Pacothane in 0.04mm (0.0015”) as standard, though a 0.03mm grade is also available. This material is available by the metre from rolls measuring either 508mm, 711mm or 1320mm wide. In addition to these standard forms, we are also happy to offer Pacothane® Release Film in custom slit or cut component forms.


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