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Marigold 350 Packing

Material AG000261S01 Category

Marigold 350 Packing

A pump packing manufactured from high quality ramie yarn which is impregnated with PTFE and a proprietary lubricant.

Possesses excellent conformability, braid retention and high corrosion resistance.

Commonly used for a range of marine applications and is suitable for use in salt and freshwater.

Marigold 350 Packing is a pump packing manufactured from high quality ramie yarn which is thoroughly impregnated with PTFE and a proprietary lubricant.

Due to the utilisation of a unique interlock braiding technique and deep PTFE impregnation, Marigold 350 Packing is easy to cut and install and boasts excellent braid retention and conformability resulting in a packing that is long lasting, corrosion resistant and is ideally suited for use in most saltwater and freshwater applications.

This quality compression packing is utilised in applications with temperatures up to 120°C and can handle pressure up to 39 BAR (580 PSI). Due to its PTFE impregnation Marigold 350 is able to handle chemicals with a rating from 5 – 11 on the pH scale.

Available Sizes

Marigold 350 Packing is available from AG in sizes ranging from 3.2mm² to 25.4mm². This packing is generally supplied in 8mtr packs though other lengths, and sizes, can be provided upon request.

In addition to this grade, AG also offers some other packings suited to marine (saltwater and freshwater) applications. These include Marigold 345 (flax and ramie yarns impregnated with a PTFE suspensoid) and Marigold 921 (flax and ramie yarns impregnated with tallow and wax lubricants). For more information on AG’s range of packing, please contact your local branch or sales representative.

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