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Irish Refrasil Cloth

Material AG000295S01 Category

Irish Refrasil Cloth

A premium quality thermal insulation cloth with the ability to withstand temperatures over 1200ºC and performs in the most demanding environments.

Commonly used to make pillows and welding blankets, heat shields and curtains, and can be sewn to suit your requirements.


Irish Refrasil has been specially developed to extend the maximum operating temperature and flexibility performance of the Refrasil range of cloth. It’s trademark greenish colour, from which it was given the name Irish, is a result of a specialised high-temperature treatment extending its continuous maximum operating temperature to 1260ºC.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely High Temperature Resistance
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Fire-Proof
  • Pre-Shrunk Construction
  • Compatible with Most Chemicals
  • Low Chloride Content
  • High Flexibility

This combination of benefits ensures that Irish Refrasil is versatile enough to handle even the most demanding of thermal insulation applications. The low thermal conductivity of the cloth means that insulation performance is maximised in the space available while the incredibly high temperature resistance enables you to utilise Irish Refrasil in places that other silica based cloths simply can’t be used.

In addition to the features already listed, the fact that Irish Refrasil is pre-shrunk with excellent physical flexibility means that it’s ideal for situations where dimensional stability is critical to insulation performance.

When these features are combined with the fact that Irish Refrasil is compatible with most chemicals, it’s clear that this cloth is a highly versatile insulation solution. It’s because of these high performance characteristics that Irish Refrasil is used to serve in extreme applications. These include everything from aerospace and defence through to automotive, power generation and mining.

Available Sizes

Irish Refrasil is offered by AG in two thicknesses, 0.7mm & 1.3mm, and can be slit, sewed and fabricated to suit your application. Irish Refrasil is also sold by the metre (840mm wide) and by the roll.

Additional Information and Resources

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