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Ceramic Fibre Board

Material AG000651S01 Category

Ceramic Fibre Board

Offers excellent thermal and physical stability whilst also being lightweight and able to be utilised in direct contact with flame.

Commonly used for insulation in kilns, furnaces, ducting and ovens.


AG carries a range of different grades of Ceramic Fibre Boards capable of providing thermal insulation in applications ranging from 1260ºC through to 1600ºC. All are manufactured from a specialised process that combines refractory fibres and binders exhibiting a low organic content. Variance in the proportions of this mix allows for the manufacture of the different grades of Ceramic Fibre Board, capable of different temperatures.

Ceramic Fibre Board offers excellent thermal and physical stability, cold handling strength and corrosion resistance whilst also being lightweight, resilient and able to be utilised in direct contact with flame. If the board does become wet by water of steam, thermal and physical properties are restored upon drying.

As a result of this unique combination of characteristics, Ceramic Fibre Boards are often used in applications ranging from duct insulation, expansion joints, flue and chimney linings, furnace, kiln and boiler face as well as back up insulation for hard refractory.

Available Sizes

AG is able to supply Ceramic Fibre Boards by the sheet, carton, or fabricated to your exact requirements. Standard sheet thicknesses begin at 6mm and range up to 50mm with custom thicknesses also available upon request. The high cohesive strength and rigidity of the material enables machining, cutting and general fabrication for your application.