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Basalt Insulation Tape

Material AG000628S01 Category

Basalt Insulation Tape

A tough, strong and highly abrasion resistant thermal insulation tape for up to 649°C.

Basalt Tape is flexible with high tensile strength, strong thermal insulation properties and good chemical resistance.

Available in a selection of sizes.

Basalt Tape is a high temperature, high strength type of thermal insulation tape made from Basalt rock.

Converted to fibres and woven, the resulting tape is extremely flexible and easy to wrap around tight turns and bends. It exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and good tensile strength.

Naturally UV resistant, this high heat tape is able to be used in a wide variety of heat insulation applications indoors and outdoors. Our Basalt Tape is an industrial grade product, manufactured in the USA and used in demanding applications around the world.

Maximum continuous operating temperature for this tape is 649°C. Basalt tape provides low thermal conductivity and excellent insulation performance. It also has good chemical resistance and will withstand attack from many diluted acids and alkalis.

Basalt Tape Standard Sizes

Associated Gaskets stocks Basalt Tape in 1.5mm Thick rolls which are available in a range of widths. Roll length is 30 Metres.

Typical Applications.

Some of the more common applications for this tape we see include:

  • Wrapping and insulating exhausts.
  • Lagging for pipes.
  • Insulation of cables and hoses.
  • Oven and boiler insulation.
  • As part of custom made heat insulation bellows, pads, blankets and parts.

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