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3M 301+ Performance Masking Tape

Material AG000837S01 Category

3M 301+ Performance Masking Tape

A quality masking tape with excellent adhesion, clean removal and no paint bleed through.

3M 301+ Performance Masking Tape is compatible with most surface types and is easy to apply around turns and bends.

3M 301+ Performance Masking Tape is an industrial quality masking tape that delivers excellent results. This tape features high initial grab adhesion and clean removal even after extended placement.

It is strong enough to be used to secure and hang plastic sheeting and tough enough to effectively withstand solvents and water absorbed from paints. The bright yellow colouring makes identification easy.

3M 301+ Masking Tape is made from a 0.16mm crepe paper backing and a natural and synthetic blended rubber adhesive. It is highly conformable and easy to apply around bends and corners with good accuracy. It can be torn by hand and resists paint bleed-through.

3M 301+ Performance Masking Tape has a max. elongation rating of 12%. It can withstand short-term exposure (30 minutes) to temperatures up to 107°C.

Available Sizes

Associated Gaskets stocks 3M 301+ Masking Tape in four sizes. All rolls are 55 metres long.

Standard Widths

  • 18mm
  • 24mm
  • 36mm
  • 48mm

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