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AG’s moulding facilities allow us to offer even the most complex-shaped components manufactured from a wide range of materials. To do this, we utilise a wide range of methods which include blow moulding, injection moulding, extrusion, thermoforming and pultrusion mouldings. This, coupled with our many decades of experience, ensures we can make use of our wide variety of raw materials to deliver you the exact component you require.

Materials available for moulding include everything from our extensive selection of rubbers and plastics through to a number of different polyurethanes, ceramics, epoxies and polyester glass constructions. Many of these are available in difference hardnesses, grades, colours and designs to allow for optimal material selection whilst some are also available in resin form so that you can create your own moulded component.

With small minimum batch quantities and an extensive variety of moulds already in stock, AG’s moulding service is an economical option for producing precision made, complex parts which can be recreated from drawings, sketches or even well-used samples. For more information on the full range of options available please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.