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Kits and Custom Packaging

In line with our commitment to service, AG takes a different view to packaging; we don’t pack our goods to make it easy on us, we pack them so that they’re easy to unpack and use. This philosophy has led us to working with a number of our customers to design custom kits and packaging types to make receipt and use easy whilst simultaneously minimising waste.

Whether you require gasket sets arranged by application, specially labelled boxes complete with itemised listings, specialised lengths of packing in easy to use dispenser packs, or insulation kits designed for specific electric motors, AG will be happy to assist. Full packing lists are provided with all of our kits so that correct quantities can be easily checked off and we can even provide these in custom sized boxes to enable efficient storage.

AG is committed to working with you to ensure that goods supplied by us fit in with your systems and save you time and money. To discuss available options further, or to arrange for the creation of your own customised kit or packaging type for AG supplied products, please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.