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Electric Motor Rewinders and Repairers



AG has a long history of working closely with a variety of electric motor, generator and electromagnet repairers and manufacturers spread across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Our network of branches combined with our highly trained and experienced personnel and some of Australia’s largest electrical insulation stock holdings ensure we are uniquely positioned to offer the high levels of service and fast delivery demanded by an industry that measures lead times in days (if you’re lucky).

As an independent and wholly Australian owned company, AG is not locked to any particular brand which allows us to offer the very best material for your application. Though we have partnered with world-leading insulation manufacturers such as DuPont, Isovolta,, Haysite, Fiber-Tek and many more, AG will work with you to identify the best fit for your requirements, rather than sheparding you towards the product that best suits us.

By combining our comprehensive stock of raw materials with our extensive fabrication facilities, AG is also able to supply custom made insulation components on incredibly short lead times. The sections below provide more information on just some of the products commonly sought by companies in these industries. For more information on any single item, or to discuss how AG can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

Products for Electric Motor Rewinding

Insulation Tapes
Specialised Insulation Tapes
Flexible Insulation
Rigid Insulation Materials
Insulating Rods, Tubes & Pultrusions
Electrical Ropes, Cords & Sleeving
Varnishes, Putties, Resins & Compounds
Electrical Cable & Conductors
Sealing Materials
Adhesives & Sealants
Cleaners & Degreasers
Specialised Fabricated Solutions
Lubricants & Corrosion Protection
Accessories & Other Electrical Products


We are pleased to be able to offer a range of electrical insulation tapes to cover almost any conceivable application. This range is, in fact, so large (and continuing to grow) that we have split it into two sections, standard and specialised.

Our standard electrical insulation tape range features everyday styles like our those in our Woven Electrical Tape rage which includes Woven GlassVarnished GlassWoven ShrinkWoven Polyester and Woven Glass / Polyester. These are all stocked in a number of different sizes as are our Cotton Tapes (both Egyptian and Cotton Webbing).

Our Edge Restraint Tape (AKA HyperEdge) is also available in a huge selection of sizes and, since it is made in-house by Associated Gaskets, can be produced in a size to suit individual applications.

Our adhesive tape range is no less diverse. Oftentimes, we offer many different brands of a similar style so you can pick the one that offers the best features for the price. This is definitely true with our Adhesive Glass Tapes, Adhesive Polyester Tapes and Adhesive Polyimide (AKA Adhesive Kapton) tapes

We also stock a wide range of Adhesive PVC Tapes and Rubber Insulation Tapes like 3M Scotch 23Scotch 70 and our specialised Arlon Silicone Self-Fusing Level Wrap Tape.

In addition to these electrical tapes, we also have those that are commonly used in and around electrical applications. We stock a number of different grades of masking tapes as well as Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape which is designed specifically for compacting and securing coil insulation.

The vast, vast majority of our electrical insulation tapes are not only stocked by AG but are slit in-house. This enables us to provide you with the option of ordering in either standard or custom widths to suit the particular needs of a job. For more information on our slitting capabilities, or to discuss any of the tapes in our comprehensive insulation range, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.


Complementing our range of standard electrical tapes, Associated Gaskets is proud to offer a full range of more specialised styles.

This range has been developed over our years of working with motor rewinders and will continue to grow and expand as new options become available and new requirements are identified.

As of now, our range of specialised tapes includes high quality solutions from world-leading manufacturers like IsovoltaArlonDuPont3MFiber-Tek and more.

Of these, the Isovolta range is perhaps the largest and includes everything needed for high voltage motor rewinding. Whether you need a mica tape for a resin rich or VPI system, a conductive coil tape, tapes for end-winding or overwrap tapes for insulation consolidation, the Isovolta range has you covered.

We are also proud to be the official Australian distributors for two US based manufacturers, Fiber-Tek and Arlon. Arlon manufactures the previously mentioned Silicone Level Wrap Tape and is also the manufacturer of our Silicone Fibreglass Reinforced (AKA Sil/Glass) range. Fiber-Tek produces both our Res-I-Flex Armor Tape and is also the manufacturer of our Banding Tape which is available in a number of different sizes and roll lengths to suit either manual or machine-assist coil banding techniques.

Another relationship that we are very proud of is our longstanding agreement with DuPont. This enables us to offer their full range of electrical insulation products headlined by Nomex and Kapton. We stock both in a wide range of tape thicknesses and widths and, thanks to our slitting facilities, are also able to produce custom sized Nomex and Kapton Tapes to suit the needs of your application when required.

Finally, we have our 3M Electrical Tapes. Many were mentioned under the standard insulation tapes category but some deserve their own mention here. These include our EMI Shielding Tape range which features many different types and styles of specialised aluminium, copper or tin-plated shielding tape. These are all slit in-house at AG and can be provided in custom width rolls or, if it suits your requirements better, die-cut components.

Like the rest of the types of insulation discussed on this page, we will continue to grow and expand our range of specialised insulation tapes. We are constantly on the look-out for new solutions and love to work with our customers to find products that work in new applications. If you would like assistance in choosing a insulation tape for one of your applications please do not hesitate to contact us.


No matter the dielectric, sizing or performance requirements, our complete range of flexible electrical insulation materials will enable you to choose just the material you require.

This range includes everything from everyday staples like DMDVarnished Glass Cloth, Presspahn, NMN (Nomex-Mylar-Nomex)GMG (Glass-Mica-Glass) and Polyester Film to higher performance materials like NKN, PTFE Coated Fibreglass and multiple styles, sizes and types of Nomex and Kapton from DuPont.

This selection is expanded further through the addition of more specialised materials like our Prinom B 2083 (Nomex impregnated with resin) and Prefilz B 2082 (resin impregnated felt). We also have many, many Isovolta mica based materials available in sheet form. These include popular styles like our Feinmicaglas 0986 and  Calmicaglas 0893 and 2005.

The vast, vast majority of these are available in a large selection of thicknesses and most are available by the metre.

Thanks to our water-cuttingknife-cuttinggeneral fabrication and slitting facilities, we are also pleased to be able to offer many of our flexible electrical insulation materials as cut parts or easy to use tapes. We’re always happy to assist with identifying the best material for a specific application or finding a way to produce the exact part your require.


At Associated Gaskets, we pride ourselves on offering one of Australia’s largest ranges of stocked sizes and types of rigid electrical insulation sheets.

This comprehensive range includes everything from high performance Isoval Epoxy Glass Laminate to our Haysite Polyester Glass materials and more specialised boards like our Magnoval magnetic material and Contaval conductive laminate.

The Isoval range of epoxy glass laminates is known for providing exceptional strength, insulating performance and reliability.

By far the most common of these is our Isoval 11 which is stocked in thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 100mm and can be provided in sheet or fabricated parts. Other grades are also available including Isoval 200HKB and FR4.

Complimenting these, the Haysite range of Polyester Glass Materials are high quality and very versatile. This range features the economic ETR-FR-C and UltraTrac H950 (both of which are often referred to as Glastic) as well as the high temperature (220°C) resistant Haysite HST-11.  The range is rounded out by the permanently flexible Ultraflex insulation. All are available in a selection of sizes (though this is a bit limited with the Ultraflex) and can be provided in sheet form and cut or machined components.

Another group of common materials in this range includes our Bakelite sheets, SRBF and SRBP. These economic insulation sheets are typically used in lower voltage applications with limited temperatures. That said, they do offer very good value and are both available in a large selection of sizes as well as the usual sheet, cut or fully-fabricated component option. (For those of you interested in learning more about the history and available forms of Bakelite we recently put together a post focused on this very subject).

For more specialised and demanding applications, we have many more options available. These include the aforementioned Magnoval 2067 Magnetic Material (often used for the manufacture of magnetic slot wedges) and Contaval 2017 Conductive Laminate. We also offer Silicone Bonded Mica in a selection of sizes, Moulding Mica Sheet for making end rings and formed insulation components, Voltis SI 2965 (a G7 rated silicone glass laminate), Voltis Premium Synthetic Resin Bonded BoardsSindanyo H91 and Sindanyo L21SwitchPanel Type XTransformer Board and plenty more.


Augmenting our range of rigid insulation materials, we are pleased to offer a vast range of rods, tubes and pultruded sections designed for electrical insulation applications.

These can be ideal for manufacturing insulating bushes, seals, sleeves or stand-offs in addition to many other types of components.

Among the most popular in this range is our epoxy glass tube and rod. Standard stocked sizes of the rod start at 8mm Ø and go all the way through to 130mm Ø. The tube is available in even more sizes starting at 6mm x 8mm and progressing up to 460mm OD.

Large stock quantities are held of this economical insulation material with custom fabricated sizes, components and more also available when required.

Two more popular styles of economical insulation rod and tube are our SRBF and SRBP ranges. SRBF rod is available in multiple sizes and machines very well while maintaining good physical properties and solid electrical capabilities. SRBP is available in tubes of many different sizes with a number in stock and many more able to be fabricated to suit your requirements.

For more demanding applications, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of other materials, in stock, in tube, rod or pultruded form. These include PTFE Rod and Tube, our Isoval range of high performance epoxy glass tubes (usually specified for Class H and above applications). When even greater temperature resistance is required, Silicone Bonded Mica Tube is also available in stock and combines good electrical insulation performance with the ability to withstand temperature up to 500°C.

Pultruded and Moulded Lengths are another of our specialties. As a result, we carry a large range of Polyester Glass Angle and Channel as well as a full range of Dogbone Transformer Spacer Sticks. The Poly Glass in particular is ideal for manufacturing brackets and insulating channels and can be fabricated in-house at Associated Gaskets to meet the exact requirements of your application.


Our range of electrical insulation sleeving and tubing continues to expand.

We carry huge stock of some tried and tested solutions like Vidaflex 942Vidaflex 111 and Vidaflex SD550 along with a number of newer alternatives that may present real value in certain applications.

These include our 13F3AC Acrylic Glass Sleeving (155°C rated) and 15C4 Silicone Coated Sleeving (220°C Rated) amongst others.

In addition to these, we are also pleased to offer a full range of heat shrink products.

Our heat shrink sleeving is available in a number of styles including the common thin wall (2:1 shrink ratio) as well as medium wall and thick wall varieties.

The range of available sizes (and colours) is enormous with most available in either single 1200mm long lengths, handy dispenser packs (typically between 5 & 20mtrs long) and bulk spools for those of you who go through quite a bit (these are typically about 50 – 200 metres long depending on the diameter). Adhesive lined heat shrink can also be provided upon request.

When it comes to ropes and cords for electrical applications, we are also able to assist. Our range of stocked products features standard everyday products like polyester and fibreglass tying cords (available in a range of sizes) as well as a number of different types of lacing string.

Finally, we are pleased to stock and offer Fiber-Tek B Stage Surge Rope. Often used as lashing for stator coils, this resin-filled, high-voltage electrical insulation rope is soft and pliable when supplied but hardens when baked to ensure maximum strength and minimal movement.


Here at Associated Gaskets, we are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of electrical coatings, varnishes, putties and compounds.

This includes our popular Elmotherm 009-0008 Air Dry Varnish from Elantas (which is a replacement for the old Isonel 300). This is widely stocked in white, black, grey and the ever popular red. With the exception of white, all of these are carried in aerosol as well as liquid containers (white is liquid only).

In addition to this, we also offer more specialised varnishes like the Elantas 083-1980 Baking Varnish and a number of Dobeckan and Epoxylite grades. We can even supply the Xylene.

The range of varnishes held in stock is always changing and adapting as needs change so if you are in need of a particular type for a certain job or motor, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

When it comes to putties, we also offer a wide selection. Von Roll IMI 3285 Permafil PuttyR391 Electrical Weatherproof Compound and Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty (often used for motor balancing) are just some of the most popular types. In addition to these, we are also pleased to stock and supply the full range of Weicon Epoxy Repair Sticks and Plastic Metal products. Both are very easy to use and have been found to be very useful for all kinds of mechanical and electrical repair work around the world.

Further augmenting this range is a selection of epoxy resins. This includes Epirez 324AEpirez 8837 and our Trirez Wet Winding Epoxy in addition to Weicon Epoxy Casting Compound and much, much more. Once again, this range is always expanding and we’re always happy to help with finding the right solution for a particular application so if the product you require isn’t listed here please do not hesitate to contact us.


Associated Gaskets is pleased to be able to offer a selection of high voltage cables for motor rewinding and repairs.

We are constantly expanding our range of stocked sizes, ratings and types to ensure we can provide you the exact cable you require, when you need it.

Right now, this range includes Silicoul Silicone Coated Cable. Something of an industry standard, we are pleased to be able to offer this cable in 1.1kV3.7kV, 6.6kV and 13.8kV.

Stocked sizes vary depending on voltage rating but, like we said, we are always working to expand our range. These cables can also typically be provided in whatever length you require to suit your particular job.

In addition to our Silicoul range, we’re pleased to offer Radox 4GKW-AX Traction Cable and Radox R155 Cable. These high performance cables are available in a wide selection of sizes with many held in stock for fast delivery.


When it comes time to seal the motor casing, you can rely on Associated Gaskets to have the right material for your requirements. Whether you require standard Insertion Rubber or Neoprene Rubber by the roll, adhesive backed sponge rubber tapes or custom cut gaskets for demanding operating conditions, our range of materials and comprehensive gasket fabrication facilities ensure we can provide exactly what you require.

In addition to the aforementioned material types, Associated Gaskets is pleased to be able to offer a number of other materials often used for sealing in and around electric motors. These include custom cut felt sealing stripscork sheet (or seals)sponge rubber sheet and tape (with or without adhesive backing) and much more.

The full range of available options rivals our insulating tapes in size and scope so please do not hesitate to contact us today if you would like assistance in identifying the best, most economical sealing material for your rewinds and repair work.


Whether you require an industrial strength super glue, high strength thread locker, neutral cure silicone or specialised epoxy adhesive, Associated Gaskets has the range and experience needed to help.

Our range of super glues and contact adhesives includes all-round grades like our VA 100 and VA 8312 as well as more specialised grades designed for greater impact resistance, adhesion to certain materials or performance in specific conditions. 

We even offer a glue capable of bonding to PTFE when used with the correct primer. All of our super glues are German engineered and manufactured by Weicon.

We have also partnered with Weicon to offer a comprehensive range of Thread LockersPipe SealantsCylindrical Assembly Adhesives (which are often used for locking bearings) and liquid gasket adhesives

This range is simply enormous and includes everything from everyday blue, medium strength thread locking adhesives to high temperature, non-marking and exceptionally high strength grades.

For even more specialised bonding requirements, we’re pleased to be able to offer our range of construction and epoxy adhesives. This range includes adhesives with varying degrees of cure strength, temperature resistance, viscosity and more so you can pick the best one for your application.

In addition to these, we also stock and supply a comprehensive range of MS PolymerPolyurethane and Silicone Adhesives and Sealants. These can be ideal for sealing motor casings and securing insulation. With our huge range of styles and years of experience with these products, we’re ready to assist in picking the best one for your requirements.

The range of available adhesives and sealants is simply massive. If you would like assistance in picking out the right one for your particular requirements, or would like us to help identify an alternative to one that you used to use, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to assist.


Whether you need to clean heavily soiled motor casings, parts prior to bonding them or the workshop floor; Associated Gaskets’ range of industrial grade cleaning and degreasing solutions may be of interest.

For this range, we’ve once again partnered with Weicon to offer German quality products that save time and money.

This range includes gentle cleaners like our Plastic CleanerCitrus Cleaner and Electro Contact Cleaner which are all able to be used on sensitive surfaces (like copper) without damaging the metal.

For heavier duty cleaning we offer solutions like our Cleaner SParts and Assembly Cleaner and Sealant and Adhesive Remover which is designed specifically for removing old, caked-on labels and adhesive residues.

Whether you need to clean heavily soiled motor casings, parts prior to bonding them or the workshop floor; Associated Gaskets’ range of industrial grade cleaning and degreasing solutions may be of interest. For this range, we’ve once again partnered with Weicon to offer German quality products that save time and money.

This range includes gentle cleaners like our Plastic CleanerCitrus Cleaner and Electro Contact Cleaner which are all able to be used on sensitive surfaces (like copper) without damaging the metal. For heavier duty cleaning we offer solutions like our Cleaner SParts and Assembly Cleaner and Sealant and Adhesive Remover which is designed specifically for removing old, caked-on labels and adhesive residues.


With over 50 years of experience in producing custom made electrical insulation components, you can count on Associated Gaskets to assist with the design, production and delivery of what you need to get the job done.

The range of parts and components produced for motors over the years includes everything from standard slot wedges and spacers (produced to tight tolerances and turnaround requirements by our slot wedge department) to fully machined coil supports, terminal blocks, formed conductors and arc chutes.

The majority of the time, these have been made based on old samples, drawings or dimension lists and delivered to suit tight lead time requirements.

With over 50 years of experience in producing custom made electrical insulation components, you can count on Associated Gaskets to assist with the design, production and delivery of what you need to get the job done.

Perhaps the most important part of the process is our experience though. This means we understand that you often don’t know what you need until you get the motor apart, but that by that point the clock is already ticking on when you need the motor out the door.

If you do have a particularly hairy job, or would like to talk to us about the feasibility of getting a particular insulation component custom made, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ve found through experience that doing so is not only oftentimes faster than sourcing from the OEM, it’s a lot cheaper too.


Here at Associated Gaskets we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of lubricants and corrosion protection solutions. 

The full range is quite large but there are a few that have proven to be of particular use to motor rewinders so it is these we focus on here.

Our range of lubricants and corrosion protection can be broken down into a couple of sections. The first of which is our lubricating and multi-functional oils. This range includes our W44T Turbo Power Spray (which provides water resistance, corrosion protection, lubrication, cleaning, preservation and creep in one), AT-44 All-round Spray with PTFESilicone SprayPTFE Spray and Top-Lub (used for permanently lubricating highly stressed mechanical parts). 

Many of these are available in both liquid and aerosol form so you can choose the type best suited to your workshop.

Next in this range is our selection of Anti-Seize products. Once again, we are proud to have partnered with Weicon to offer very high quality solutions at excellent prices. Our range of Anti-Seize includes our Anti-Seize standardcopper paste and the specialised Anti-Seize High Tech which is completely metal-free with good electrical properties. All three types of Anti-Seize are available in a huge selection of container types and sizes to suit various requirements.

Fairly new to Associated Gaskets is our range of All-Round Lubricants. These quality greases have been designed to perform in demanding industrial situations and are each available in a selection of sizes and cartridges. These are used to lubricate different types of bearings, joints, guides, spindles, shafts, springs, gears and cables and combine good performance with long re-greasing intervals. The five types available cover different temperature ranges, applications and special requirements.

Finally, we have our range of corrosion protection products. Though not widely used by the motor rewinding industry for their work, we mention them because we have had experience with them being of use for protecting parts and equipment in the workshop. This range includes a number of metallic sprays (such as our Zinc SprayCopper Spray and Zinc-Alu Spray) which are used to protect exposed metal parts and cover exposed welds.

In addition, we are also pleased to present our Corro-Protection Spray and Fluid. This forms a transparent, protective layer that has been proven to protect parts from corrosion in even the most demanding of applications. It’s perfect for ensuring that seldom used part stored out the back of the shed doesn’t rust and is very easy to remove when the time comes (a little Cleaner S does the job).


Over the course of decades spent working with our customers in the rewinding industry, we’ve been asked to help in sourcing and supplying a pretty large range of products and parts.

Through this experience, we’ve built up and continue to carry large stock quantities of many different types of accessories and electrical insulation products often used for rewinding.

Our range includes Plastic Motor Fans, Preformed Slot Wedges made from WoodDMD and Nomex, capacitors, anti-condensate heater cables and Microtherms.

We also carry stock of numerous sizes of plastic terminal blocks (in addition to the higher voltage ones we can manufacture), stand-off insulators and more specialised products like mica dust and Nomex wool and felt.

We also stock the tried and tested blue stripper which is now known as “Blue Masking Lacquer 004-0168“, Glyptal 1201 Red Enamel and much more.

Truth be told, this list only scratches the surface of what we stock and continue to offer our many customers throughout the rewinding and general electrical industries. Our range continues to grow as new solutions become available or we’re asked to assist with new applications. If the particular part, material or product you require hasn’t been specifically listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll do everything we can to assist and we may even have it in stock somewhere.

Want More Information on How Associated Gaskets Can Assist?

With our enormous range of electrical insulation and components, large stock holdings, diverse fabrication facilities and the experience needed to understand critical lead times and applications, we feel confident we can be of assistance to most motor rewinders and repairers.

If you would like help tracking down a particular material, need to talk to someone about the best tape for a particular motor or simply need some slot wedges yesterday; please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.