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Epoxy Resin Putty for Balancing Electric Motors

When we found out one of the highest-selling products from our Weicon line was none other than Epoxy Resin Putty, we became curious to know what our customers were using it for.

After all, there are so many uses for this universal repair epoxy. It can be used to repair, fix, seal, patch, anchor, mould and balance.

However it was the last one, ‘balancing’ that kept popping up when we spoke with many of our customers and we must say the feedback we have received about the product for this application has been overwhelmingly positive.

Epoxy Resin Putty 800gm Kit

So what is balancing? It has to do with electric motors.

Inside all electric motors is what’s known as a rotor. This is the part that rotates due to the interaction between the windings and the magnetic fields. A rotor can become unbalanced from either fixed (non-symmetrical design or manufacture) or variable sources (shifting or distortion during use).

Unbalance in an electric motors is a problem as it generally causes vibration, wear and tear on the bearings and inefficient operation, which means it needs to be fixed, fast! The process undertaken to rectify the problem is known as dynamic balancing.

Balancing Electric Motors with a Hard-Setting, Kneadable Repair Compound

To balance a rotor, Electric Motor Rewinders require a hard-setting epoxy that will bond well to whichever part of the rotor needs to be balanced. 

This is why they use Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty. It’s a kneadable repair compound that bonds well to most materials including metal, glass, wood, rubber, ceramics, concrete and most plastics and sets very hard (87 Shore D).

To perform the operation, the motor is placed on a balancing machine and rotated with a belt or end drive. The balancing machine is then able to generate a report, telling you how much weight to add and where.

To apply the correct amount of weight to the right place, rewinders apply an epoxy compound.

What else can Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty be used for?

Besides balancing electric motors, this universal repair compound can be used for a whole range of other applications. Some of these include:

  • Repair and Sealing of Pipes and Tanks.
  • Repairing of shafts, bearings, pumps and casings.
  • Making patterns, moulds and samples.
  • Many, many more applications.

Epoxy Resin Putty has a minimum shelf life of 18 months, meaning it is perfect to keep on hand in case of an unexpected or emergency situation. It is available in 100gm, 400gm and 800gm Kits. For further inquiries, pricing, or to place and order, contact us now!

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