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Welcome to our New Technical Reps in Melbourne & Newcastle.

In the last few months, our Newcastle and Melbourne branches have been doing a great job keeping their heads above water while they’ve been a team-member down. We’re very happy that’s now been corrected and can formally welcome on-board Shaun Thompson & Tony Ellis. 

Both gentlemen have joined the AG team as Technical Representatives and bring a wealth of experience and energy to their roles. We’ll try to embarrass each a little more below: 

Tony Ellis – Our new Technical Representative for Newcastle

Tony has recently joined us and will be in charge of looking after many of AG’s customers in Newcastle and the Central Coast region. Tony began his working life as an apprentice motor mechanic for the government. He spent the next 19 years working his way through the ranks and eventually ended up as branch manager. He then turned his sights to the retail sector, working in the Automotive industry for companies like Repco before being asked to join Australian Isola Materials (AIM) in 2000. He remained with the company for the next 16 years gaining a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge about electrical insulation.

Because of his background in electrical insulation, Tony already has a very good understanding of many of the electrical products that we sell including rigid laminates, varnishes and more. Aside from this, he is looking forward to embracing the rest of AG’s product range so that he can be a valuable asset to AG’s existing customers and instrumental in bringing many new customers into the fold.

Shaun Thompson – Our New Technical Representative for Melbourne

Shaun is the newest member of the AG team and has just begun his role as Technical Sales Rep for our Melbourne Branch. Shaun began working in internal sales at an aluminium manufacturer. He has remained heavily involved in this industry, working for a number of companies before learning of the sales rep position available at AG.

Shaun brings youth,  a wealth of sales experience and finely tuned interpersonal relationship experience to his new role and he is looking forward to meeting all the contacts from his existing accounts. Shaun is also looking forward to bringing his own new business to the company and making many new contacts in the industry. At only 27 years of age, Shaun is excited for the opportunity and is looking forward to advancing his career and a long future with AG.


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