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Top-Sticks, Slot-Sticks or Preformed Slot Wedges

Nomex and DMD Slot Wedges, Top Sticks and Slot Sticks at Associated Gaskets

Half used bundles of Preformed Slot Wedges are a common sight in any motor rewinding workshop. Sometimes known as top-sticks, slot-sticks or simply as wedges, these are a popular choice for filling slot voids in smaller types of electric motors that don’t require a machined epoxy, polyester or magnetic solution.

Throughout our decades of experience working with the electric motor rewinding industry, Associated Gaskets has learned that there’s one key feature that matters above all else when it comes to these wedges; having them when you need them. To help, we’ve committed to holding each type in our range of preformed slot wedges in stock in a range of sizes.

This page breaks down the differences between each of the 3-main materials stock by AG and provides a brief overview of what each is used for. Whether you require curved or square Nomex wedges, 180°C rated DMD or good old-fashioned wood slot sticks for your repair job, we’ve got you covered.

Preformed Slot Wedges Made from Nomex

Preformed Slot Wedges made from Nomex (Square and Round) Wedges Only

♦ Manufactured from genuine, DuPont Nomex™

♦ Suitable for use in high temperature electrical applications up to 220°C

♦ Available in either 0.020″ or 0.030″ thick, round or square and a huge selection of sizes.

♦ Supplied in 914mm lengths. 250 Feet (76 Metres approx.) per pack.

AG’s Preformed Slot Wedges made from Nomex® combine convenience with reliable, long lasting performance. Available in a wide range of sizes, these wedges are pressure formed so that they retain their designed shape without exhibiting any of Nomex’s® usual tendency to “spring back”.

Preformed Slot Wedges Made from DMD

DMD Preformed Slot Wedges for Class H Electric Motors

♦ Manufactured from premium grade DMD and are able to be used in Class H (180°C) electrical applications.

♦ Available in a large selection of sizes (including both square and round type wedges).

♦ Good physical characteristics including strength and shape retention for easy fitting.

♦ Supplied in 914mm lengths. 250 Feet (76 Metres approx.) per pack.

Preformed Slot Wedges made from Premium DMD are economical, convenient and reliable insulation options for the slots of low and medium voltage electric motors. Unlike most grades of DMD on the market, Associated Gaskets’ premium grade of DMD, from which these wedges are formed, is able to withstand the rigours of Class H, or 180ºC, electrical applications.

Wooden Slot Sticks

Wooden Slot Sticks for low voltage electric motors

♦ Extremely Economical

♦ Available in a selection of sizes (all half-round).

♦ 3.2mm Wide to 12.7mm Wide available as standard.

♦ Each stick is 600mm long. 100mtrs worth per pack.

AG’s Wooden Slot Sticks are highly economical, pre-fabricated sticks available in a range of sizes to suit different slot dimensions. Used in the electric motor rewind and repair industries on low voltage machines, these sticks are inserted into the slots to secure the copper conductor. Our DMD wedges are all 0.020″ thick as standard.


AG stocks, fabricates and customises a huge range of solutions for electrical applications. This includes a variety of tapes, rigid insulation materials, varnishes, compounds, sleevings and much, much more. Contact Us today for more information on how we can assist.