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Woven Varnished Glass Tape

Woven Varnished Glass Tape is a specialised style of woven electrical tape available from Associated Gaskets in a number of different types and sizes. This tape is basically a variant on our Woven Fibreglass Tape and uses straight non-alkali electrical grade fibreglass yarns as its base. These are then coated in a light finish of alkyd varnish which helps to seal the underlying glass yarns without unduly compromising flexibility or conformability.

Compared to our plain Woven Fibreglass Tape, Woven Varnished Glass Tape exhibits significantly less potential for fraying or serving as an irritant to the skin of winders or users. It also offers excellent flexibility, wear resistance, fold durability and impregnability.

Woven Varnished Glass Tapes are generally used as an over-wrap or consolidation tape on coils and electrical conductors that are to be exposed to operating temperatures above 155ºC and thus outside the range of Woven Polyester Tape. Here, their high tensile strength, excellent conformability and low thickness ensure they can be applied to form a smooth outer layer which can then be impregnated with insulating varnishes.

Standard Sizes

Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer our Woven Varnished Glass Tape in a number of different thicknesses and widths. In addition to the standard sizes listed below, custom sizes may also be available upon request.

20mm X 0.09mm X 50Mtrs
20mm X 0.13mm X 50Mtrs
20mm X 0.18mm X 50Mtrs
25mm X 0.09mm X 50Mtrs
25mm X 0.13mm X 50Mtrs
25mm X 0.18mm X 50Mtrs

Please note, some of these sizes are available in just the orange version of our Woven Varnished Glass Tape while others are available in the yellow. There’s not a lot of difference between these grades though some winders do report a slight preference for one or the other which has led to us keeping both in various sizes.