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Woven Shrink Tape

Woven Shrink Tape is a specialised type of woven electrical tape designed for applications that require an over wrap tape with high linear shrinkage. This high quality tape is produced from specialised polyethylene terephthalate yarn which produces high but controlled shrinkage when exposed to temperatures above 90ºC. This property ensures Woven Shrink Tape can serve as a highly conformable, easy to apply, consolidation tape.

Sometimes known as Vidatape S or, simply, Shrink Tape, Woven Shrink Tape is polyester based and therefore presents none of the potential skin-irritation properties that can sometimes be reported by winders when working with fibreglass based woven tapes. Unfortunately, like with our Woven Polyester Tape, there is a trade-off in play which manifests in this tapes maximum operating temperature. Unlike the higher rated fibreglass, Woven Shrink Tape should only be used in applications where continuous temperatures reach no higher than 155ºC (Class F) though it will withstand short-term exposure to temperatures up to 200ºC.

Typical Applications for Woven Shrink Tape include:

  • As a slot cell finishing tape where Woven Shrink Tape is applied along the slot portion of the coil prior to pressing and serves to eliminate sharp radii at the edges of the slot cell.
  • To consolidate the junction of the pressed section and un-pressed section of the coil overhang.
  • As an end winding consolidation tape.
  • As a coil finishing tape as part of a un-pressed coil insulation system.
Standard Sizes of Woven Shrink Tape

Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer Woven Shrink Tape in a range of standard sides (listed below). In addition, custom thicknesses, widths and specialised core sizes may also be available upon request.

20mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs
25mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs
32mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs