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Woven Polyester Tape

Woven Polyester Tape is generally used for the finishing of electrical windings. This soft, flexible but strong tape is woven from 100% polyethylene terephthalate yarns in both directions that have been specially processed to reduce shrinkage when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Available in a variety of sizes, AG’s Woven Polyester Tape offers excellent conformability and impregnability while presenting none of the potential skin-irritation problems that can sometimes be reported by winders working with Woven Fibreglass Tape. Unfortunately, there is a trade-off: Woven Polyester Tape should not be used in electrical application running higher than 155ºC (Class F) as excessive shrinkage or even damage to the tape itself can occur past that point.

Also known as Vidatape P or Woven Terylene Tape, Woven Polyester Tape is an excellent alternative to most cotton tapes and can features Orange / Black / Orange centre lines for easy application and identification.

Standard Widths and Thicknesses

Standard Sizes of Woven Polyester Tape are listed below. In addition, custom thicknesses, widths and even core diameters can also be arranged upon request.

12mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs
25mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs
38mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs

25mm x 0.23mm x 50Mtrs
38mm x 0.23mm x 50Mtrs