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Woven Glass Polyester Tape

AG’s Woven Glass Polyester Tape is widely used for the insulation of coils and conductors. This quality product is produced from a special combination of non-alkali glass yarns that are laid in the warp (lengthwise) direction and polyester yarns in the weft (across the roll). By using this combination of materials, Woven Glass Polyester Tape is able to offer many of the benefits (such as tensile strength) associated with Woven Fibreglass Tape while minimising the risk of glass filamentation or skin irritation for your winders.

Woven Glass / Polyester Tape features a high percentage of glass content in the warp direction of the weave and will therefore not suffer from linear shrinkage when exposed to elevated temperatures.

This high quality yet economical grade of electrical tape is used as electrical insulation in applications where continuous temperatures reach as high as 155ºC (Class F) although short-term spikes up to 200ºC will be resisted.

Available Sizes

Woven Glass Polyester Tape is available from AG in a number of different roll widths and thicknesses. All rolls are 50mtrs in length and can be identified by their 3 red centre lines which not only allow for quick differentiation between this and other woven tapes but also allow for accurate overlap during application.

Standard Widths and Thicknesses

Standard sizes of Woven Glass Polyester Tape are listed below. In addition, custom thicknesses, widths and even core diameters can also be arranged upon request.

13mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs
20mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs
25mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs
37mm x 0.13mm x 50Mtrs

25mm x 0.18mm x 50Mtrs
37mm x 0.18mm x 50Mtrs

20mm x 0.23mm x 50Mtrs
25mm x 0.23mm x 50Mtrs