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Woven Fibreglass Tape

AG’s range of Woven Fibreglass Tapes are woven from non-alkali electrical grade fibreglass yarns that exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. These tapes offer high tensile strength and are normally supplied in “loom state” which reduces filamentation during handling and application. Extremely flexible and pliable, our Woven Fibreglass Tape can be easily and evenly applied to tight coil turns, bends and knuckles and provides a highly impregnable insulation layer.

Woven Fibreglass Tapes are commonly employed for the insulation of the windings on high voltage electrical machines where they form a abrasion resistant finish on coils. They represent an excellent substrate for ensuring the keying of semi-conductive voltage stress grading points and conventional coil finishing resins whilst their high tensile strength ensures they are also able to be utilised for the bracing and consolidation of electrical windings.

Utilised in electrical applications rated up to 250ºC, AG’s Woven Fibreglass Tapes are available in an enormous range of thicknesses and widths, though all are available in 50mtr long rolls as standard. We carry one of Australia’s largest varieties of stock of Woven Fibreglass Tapes meaning we’re likely to have every size ranging from 12mm through to 100mm wide available, when you need it. Some sizes are also available on specially sized larger cores for easier handling and quick application when required.

N.B. We also have a range of similar Woven Varnished Glass Tapes which are made from the same basic construct as the Woven Fibreglass Tapes featured here, but are coated in a light layer of varnish to reduce the potential for skin irritation during manual application. Please contact our branches who will be happy to provide more information on these alternatives.