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Weicon Workshop Cleaner

Weicon Workshop Cleaner is an incredibly powerful and versatile cleaning liquid used in all kinds of industries. This powerful cleaner effectively cleans and degreases all metals, plastics, rubbers, glass, ceramics and wood.

Workshop Cleaner contains low-foam tensides and can be used in high pressure cleaners, parts washers and spray applicators (including our Weicon WPS 1500 Pump Dispenser) as well as for manual cleaning. When particularly fast cleaning is required, the process can be shortened by warming the product (up to a maximum of 90ºC).

A highly versatile cleaning product, Weicon Workshop Cleaner powerfully removes grease, oil, resin, soot, wax, nicotine, insects, dirt, bitumen and tar splashes. This highly concentrated cleaner can be diluted with water (or left undiluted for cleaning heavily soiled objects) and is free of solvents and phosphates. Weicon Workshop Cleaner is also compatible with oil separators (ONORM B5105) and is biodegradable according to EU regulations.

Typical Applications
  • Cleaning of all kinds of machines and tools
  • Cleaning workshop equipment, e.g. workshop benches, shelves, roller doors, industrial floors
  • Vehicle cleaning and maintenance, e.g. forklift trucks, low lift platforms, lorries, industrial trucks
  • Engine parts, e.g. oil sumps, valve covers, starting motors, dynamos
Aluminium Parts  1:40
Inspection Pits 1:10
Grease, Soot, Bitumen
and Tar Splashes
Chromium, Stainless
Steel and Plastic
Diesel Residue None
Insect Dirt  1:10
Industrial Floors,
Forklift Trucks
Hard Floors  1:10
(also tarred canvases)
Machines, Engines,
Oil / Oil Residues
Repair Parts  1:40
Steel Degreasing  1:20
Workshop Equipment 1:30
Machine Tools 1:30
Available Sizes

Weicon Workshop Cleaner is available for your local AG in 500ml, 5L, 10L or 30L containers.

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