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Weicon Threadlocking Varnish

Weicon Threadlocking Varnish is a fast-drying, solvent based marking varnish that serves as a removable lock, allowing you to protect against tampering by unauthorised persons. It can also be used as a cover for electrically conductive parts or to protect against corrosion or unwanted contact. The many uses of Threadlocking Varnish have seen it deployed in many industrial applications such as mechanical engineering, precision engineering and in the automotive and electronics industries.

Threadlocking Varnish exhibits good adhesion to many materials and is durable against water, petrol, diesel, mineral oil, paraffin oil and diluted acids and lyes and as such can be used for locking screw connections of all kinds.

Although designed to be removable, once Threadlocking Varnish has been applied, tampering with the threaded screw or connection will create a clearly visible indicator. Threadlocking Varnish is perfect for use in applications requiring verification of production control measures and quality assurance inspections of threaded and other connected parts.


Weicon Threadlocking Varnish is available from AG in 30gm Pens which makes application simple and accurate. The varnish comes in 3 high visibility colours, Yellow, Green and Red to allow for easy identification and colour coding requirements. The shades approximating the RAL colour shade standard.


Application of Threadlocking Varnish is very simple thanks to the Weicon Pen System. Simply ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease. Shake the pen and then simply squeeze to apply the product direct from the pen through the dispensing tip.