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Weicon Plast-o-Seal

Weicon Plast-o-Seal® is a permanently plastic universal sealant. This solvent-free product is free of silicone and has a pasty, non-flow consistency. Fluorescent blue in colour, Weicon Plast-o-Seal is non-corrosive, non-sag (it can even be applied to vertical surfaces) and exhibits good resistance to a wide variety of media.

Weicon Plast-o-Seal can either be used independently (on smooth flange surfaces) or to improve the performance of material (e.g. compressed fibre, cork, etc…) gaskets. It is ideal for sealing the smooth treated flanges of gearboxes and motor casings and is utilised in applications where temperatures fall between -50ºC and 200ºC (though it does withstand intermittent spikes to 250ºC).

Odourless, economical and easy to apply, Weicon Plast-o-Seal eliminates the need for over tightening (when used individually) and enables easy joint dismantling.

Available Sizes

This high quality product is available from AG in 90gm tubes, 120gm brush top cans, 230gm press packs and 300gm cartridges.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces being sealed with Weicon Plast-o-Seal should be clean and dry.


Apply Plast-o-Seal to just one of the surfaces being sealed. The absence of solvents in this adhesive allows for immediate assembly and sealing.

Please note that more information on proper use is available on the SDS for this product. It is strongly suggested that potential users familiarise themselves with this document prior to actual use.