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Weicon Corro-Protection Spray

Weicon Corro-Protection Spray is a high quality technical spray designed to provide long-lasting protection and preservation of tools, precision parts and all kinds of metal components. Used in indoor environments as well as on items being prepared for international shipping, This spray creates a dry, waxy, protective film on the sprayed item (that can be easily removed when necessary using either Weicon Cleaner S or Weicon Workshop Cleaner).

TUV Approved, Weicon Corro-Protection Spray is colourless and has a solvent-like smell during application. It is utilised in environments where temperatures are expected to fall between -20ºC and 50ºC and effectively protects against the formation of rust or corrosion over its long service life.

Available Sizes

Weicon Corro-Protection Spray is available from AG in easy to use 400ml aerosol form. A bulk liquid version is also available in multiple pack sizes.


First, clean and degrease the surfaces to be treated (e.g. with Weicon Cleaner S). Once done, ensure the Weicon Corro-Protection Spray is at room temperature (if it’s been stored in a cool room) and shake well. Spray onto the parts to be protected; full cure will be achieved after about 3-4 hours.

For additional protection, extra layers can be applied. When the time comes for the protective coating to be removed this can be achieved with Weicon Cleaner S.

For more detailed processing information including important safety guidelines, it is suggested that users familiarise themselves with the SDS for this product.

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