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Weicon Copper Paste

Weicon Copper Paste is a high quality protecting, separating and lubricating agent manufactured from a combination of copper and graphite particles combined with special additives. Specifically designed for use on highly stressed parts in high temperature environments, Copper Paste can even be deployed in corrosive environments to effectively prevent fretting corrosion and seizing of parts.

When applied, Weicon Copper Paste exhibits strong adhesion properties and works by forming an effective lubricating and separating film which protects the functional surfaces of the application and ensures low friction values between parts or threaded joints.

Weicon Copper Paste can be utilized in a wide range of applications due to its temperature rating of between -20°C to +1100°C. The paste is also very resistant to water and corrosion and is free of sulphur, lead and nickle meaning it can be used in a wide range of applications such as for vibration reduction on brake shoes and guides, brake cams and pins or on battery terminals and other electric connections as well as on hydraulic and compressed air equipment.

Available Sizes

Weicon Copper Paste is available in a wide range of forms and pack sizes listed below.

  • 30gm Pens
  • 120gm Brush-Top Cans
  • 200ml Press Packs
  • 400ml Sprays
  • 450gm Cans
  • 500gm Brush-Top Cans
  • 1kg Cans
  • 10kg Buckets