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Weicon Citrus Cleaner Spray

Weicon Citrus Cleaner Spray combines strong and effective cleaning power with excellent compatibility with sensitive surfaces. Quick acting, Weicon Citrus Cleaner Spray effectively penetrates grime, cleans powerfully and is non-corrosive.

Specially engineered from a combination of non-flammable citrus peel extracts and alcohol, Weicon Citrus Cleaner Spray is pH neutral, colourless and emits a pleasant citrus smell. This gentle cleaning spray is suited to use on all kinds of surfaces. These include:

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Painted and Coated Surfaces*

This versatile spray is used in a variety of applications; some of which include the fast and effective cleaning of:

  • Oils, greases and lubricants
  • Resins and tar
  • Rubber residues and abrasion markings
  • Marks caused by pencils, pens and markers
  • Residues left by adhesive tapes and labels
  • Fresh silicone sealant and polyurethane foam

Using Weicon Citrus Cleaner Spray is as simple as spraying from a distance of about 30cm onto the surface to be cleaned. Allow time to react before wiping with a clean, lint-free cloth. Heavy soiling may require additional time for the product to react and the process can be repeated, if necessary. Please note, Weicon Citrus Cleaner is not suitable for the preparation of parts to be bonded.

Weicon Citrus Cleaner Spray is available in 400ml aerosols from your local AG branch. We also offer a highly economical bulk liquid version for heavy industrial users.

*When cleaning these surfaces, it is suggested that compatibility first be confirmed on a hidden area.

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