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Weicon Anti-Seize Paste and Spray

The standard grade of Weicon Anti-Seize is a high quality lubricating agent manufactured from finely ground, metallic, solid lubricants and a high-quality synthetic oil mixture. This precise combination has been used worldwide in a wide range of industries to protect equipment from damage caused by corrosion, stress and wear.

Weicon Anti-Seize is particularly suited to use with parts manufactured from steel, iron or cast iron and is anthracite in colour. This high quality product is recognised under NGLI Class: 1 and corresponds to MIL 907 D requirements.

Used in applications where temperatures range from -180ºC to 1200ºC, Weicon Anti-Seize offers good thermal conductivity, is not electrically conductive and exhibits excellent lubricating power. It provides protection against corrosion, seizure, wear, stick-slip phenomena, oxidation and fretting corrosion and electrolytic reactions (“cold welding”).

In addition, Weicon Anti-Seize is also resistant to high pressures, possesses good sealing properties, is free of toxic heavy metals, allows easy assembly and disassembly and is highly economical in use (1kg spread at a thickness of 0.01mm covers an areas of approximately 45m²).

As a direct result of its versatility, dual function as a corrosion protection and lubrication agent, temperature resistance and finely ground particle content, Weicon Anti-Seize is used in a wide variety of applications across numerous industries. It is particularly useful in applications which experience any one (or combination) of the following:

  • High operating temperatures
  • High pressure loads
  • Outdoor weather conditions
  • Aggressive chemicals
  • Exposure to other media

The standard grade of Weicon Anti-Seize is available from your local AG in a enormous range of styles (including injection dispensers, pen dispensers, cans, buckets and aerosols) listed below. We also offer a high tech, metal-free version of this incredibly versatile, German-made product (Weicon Anti-Seize High Tech) as well as Weicon Copper Paste which is highly effective on threaded or plug-in parts.

Available Sizes

  • AS 010 Sp – 10gm Injection Dispenser
  • AS 030 PEN – 30gm Pen System
  • AS 040 P – 120gm Brush-Top Can
  • AS 200 PR – 200ml Press Pack
  • AS 400 K – 400gm Cartridge
  • AS 450 – 450gm Can
  • AS 500 P – 500gm Brush-Top Can
  • AS 1000 – 1kg Bucket
  • AS 1800 – 1.8kg Bucket
  • AS 5000 – 5kg Bucket
  • AS 10000 – 10kg Bucket
  • AS 20000 – 20kg Bucket
  • ASA 100 – 100ml Spray Can
  • ASA 400 – 400ml Spray Can