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Voltis SI 2965 Silicone Glass Laminate

Voltis SI 2965 Silicone Glass Laminate is a high quality electrical insulation material that is manufactured from glass cloth and a fully cured silicone resin. Used in 180ºC rated electrical applications, Voltis SI is commonly employed in areas which require good insulating performance at high frequencies.

Manufactured by Isovolta, Voltis SI 2965 Silicone Glass Laminate meets or exceeds the requirements of a number of international standards. These standards include: IEC 60893 SI GC 201 & SI GC 202, DIN 7735 Hgw 2572 and NEMA LI 1 G7. Sheets of Voltis SI 2965 are white in colour.

Density 1.8 g/cm³ (approx.) ISO 1183/A
Flexural Strength
at 23°C
at 150°C
at 180°C
120 MPa
70 MPa
60 MPa
ISO 178
ISO 178
ISO 178
Tensile Strength 90 MPa ISO 527
Comparative Tracking Index CTI 450 IEC 112
Thermal Endurance 180 T.I. IEC 216
Water Absorption
(Thickness 10mm)
27 mg ISO 62/1
Flammability V-O Class UL 94


Available Sizes

AG offers Voltis SI 2965 Silicone Glass Laminate in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm up to 50mm thick. The standard sheet size is 2130mm x 1230mm however as with the rest of our rigid insulation range, AG can also offer this high quality material in smaller sheets sizes, strips or custom component forms.

For more information, or to discuss the suitability of this electrical insulation material for your individual application, please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.