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Vinyl Bonded GMG

AG’s Glass/Mica/Glass (GMG) materials are highly flexible, multilayered insulation materials that can be bent, shaped and formed to suit the needs of a range of applications. Our Vinyl bonded GMG is our most economical form of GMG. This material is manufactured from muscovite mica splittings which are laminated between two protective layers of glass cloth using a specialised, vinyl based binder.

Vinyl Bonded GMG is used in 155ºC (Class F) rated electrical applications where it offers outstanding electrical insulation strength together with good flexibility and ease of use. It achieves this combination of benefits by utilising the high dielectric strength of the mica layers in its construction whilst leaning on the glass surfaces for mechanical strength.

This material is often used for ground, phase and barrier insulation in a range of transformers, electric motors and generators.

Available Sizes

AG offers our Vinyl Bonded GMG in 1050mm / 780mm standard sheets that are available in 0.25mm, 0.38mm and 0.5mm thick. In addition to these sheets, AG has often been called on to provide this product in cut component form. As a result, we are well experienced in economically producing Vinyl Bonded GMG strips, pieces and spacers to suit individual applications.