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TiteSeal T25-66

TiteSeal T25-66 is a medium weight sealing compound often used in conjunction with gaskets to effect a seal. Featuring excellent versatility and long lasting performance, this high quality sealing putty can be used with a variety of different connection types in a wide range of temperatures, pressures and media.

In particular, this sealing compound is flexible, non-hardening and displays excellent resistance to water, oil, steam, exhaust fumes and a wide range of chemicals and gases. TiteSeal T25-66 is non-crumbling and non-cracking and will remain flexible in application whilst expanding and contracting with temperature changes to assist in maintaining an effective seal. This can be of great assistance when using gasket materials that expand or contract at a far different rate then the flanges they are being used to seal.

With a viscosity similar to a gel or paste, TiteSeal T25-66 can be easily applied to horizontal or vertical pipe threads, flange facings or imperfect or uneven sealing surfaces. This compound has also been used for assisting with sealing mechanical joints, manifolds, differentials, transmissions, muffler joints and cylinder heads.

As an added benefit, TiteSeal will also assist with the prevention of rust or corrosion of flanges and connections.

Available Sizes

AG offers TiteSeal T25-66 is convenient 1lb metal tins.