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Sure-Cut Packing Cutter WPC-0625

The Sure-Cut Packing Cutter WPC-0625 is a handy tool that can easily cut most packing materials on the market including pure PTFE, cotton yarn, phenolic yarn, GFO yarn, fiberglass yarn, lead foil, Inconel wire and most composite Kevlar packing. Manufactured from high-strength industrial plastic with a razor-sharp cutting blade, this tool has been designed for use in heavy industrial applications. It features a cutting platform guide fence that is able to be easily adjusted to accommodate for both 90 degree (butt) joins and 45 degree (skive) joins. The textured cutting platform also prevents the packing from slipping while being cut, allowing for a clean, straight cut every time.

The Sure-Cut Packing Cutter WPC-0625 is also able to cut most rubber O-Rings and many common sealing strip materials such as engineering felt making it an incredibly versatile tool that will save you valuable time and money as well as minimize wastage when maintaining valve and pump stuffing boxes.

To view the Sure-Cut Packing Cutter in action, watch the short video below:

Available Extras

Sure-Cut Maintenance Kit: Consists of 1 x 2-Stage pocket sharpener and 1 x replacement blade kit. Sharpener and replacement blade set are also available for purchase individually. For more information, please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.

Note: Not designed for use with 100% Aramid (Kevlar) Packing