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SRBF-N (Fabric Bakelite) Insulation Sheet

Produced from a woven cloth which is thoroughly impregnated with a phenolic resin and cured, SRBF-N (Fabric Bakelite) Insulation Sheet is a physically strong material which offers excellent mechanical strength and machinability.

Used in applications where temperatures reach 125ºC, SRBF-N also possesses good electrical insulation characteristics leading to it being used in a wide range of low voltage electrical applications.

Brown in colour and very economical, SRBF-N Sheet is available in standard thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm through to 150mm and sheets of approximately 2mtrs by 1mtr. AG also offers extensive fabrication options for this material whereby we can cut, thickness or machine the exact component you require.

SRBF is also available in a black grade (SRBF-B, shown in the forth picture on this page) with additional wear resistance that has led to its widespread adoption as a brake resistor and wear pad.