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Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth

Associated Gaskets’ Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth (also known as Rewettable Cloth) is a highly versatile, easy to apply, permanent insulation product.

Woven from lightweight fibreglass fabric that is coated with a specially engineered rewettable fabrication adhesive, Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth is a fabric product that can be wet with water, moulded into any shape and allowed to dry in form. Excess water is easily wiped from the product (in a similar fashion to applying a plaster caste).

Sealing of the cured cloth can be achieved through the use of suitable mastics or bridging compounds whilst removal is as easy as rewetting the cloth and peeling off. The adhesive used for our rewettable fibreglass cloth is inorganic and emits no dangerous or objectionable odours upon heating whilst having a low chloride content that makes it suitable for use on stainless steel where corrosion must be avoided at all costs.

Rewettable fibreglass cloth is used in application requiring continuous insulation up to 540ºC and will resist attack from most chemicals. It is also meets a number of MIL-Spec requirements (with more information on these available by contacting your local AG).

Available Sizes

The standard size of Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth carried by AG is 0.6mm thick by 1524mm wide. This quality thermal insulation material can be supplied either by the roll, metre, or in custom fabricated form making for quick and easy application and reduced wastage. Customisation options includes slit rolls (to whatever width you require) as well as cut components.

Watch the video below to see how Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth is used: