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Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor Tape

Manufactured from epoxy coated woven polyester/glass tape, Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor tape is a B-Stage tape which shrinks and fuses during the cure cycle to form a tough, conformal moisture and chemical resistant dielectric seal for DC armatures and AC stators.  During the cure cycle, the resin in AG’s Res-I-Flex Armor tape will flow whilst the polyester yarns in the warp direction of the tape shrink to provide a leak proof seal whilst simultaneously eliminating the need for any external pressure to be applied.

Clear/Opaque in colour, Res-I-Flex Armor tape distinguishes itself from other Armor tapes by being fully cured at the end of the curing cycle (not soft or tacky on the surface). This allows it to be handled immediately after curing without damaging the tape.

Colour Clear/Opaque
Thickness 0.125 mm
Thermal Rating Class F – 155°C
Tensile Strength 40 lbs/inch
Dielectric Strength 2,100 vpm
Resin Content 65%
Available Sizes

AG carries Res-I-Flex Armor tape in both 19mm and 25mm wide varieties, both of which are 33 metre long rolls. For further information on the performance characteristics of Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor Tape please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.