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Res-I-Glas Banding Tape

AG is proud to offer Fibertek’s Res-I-Glas banding tape in a range of widths, lengths and grades.  This long established product offers outstanding tensile strength, durability, ease of application and electrical insulation characteristics as a result of the superior quality raw materials used in its construction.

Made from high tensile electrical grade fibreglass yarns which are bonded with catalysed thermosetting resins, Res-I-Glas banding tape is a non-woven tape which allows it to utilise the full tensile strength of the glass yarns.  The result is a high tensile, high modulus, low elongation, high impact strength band that requires no underlying insulation pad.

A B-Stage (semi-cured) product, Res-I-Glas banding tape is soft and easy to work with.  Upon curing the resin in AG’s Res-I-Glas banding tape will being to flow filling voids in the band and welding the layers into a homogenous mass with greatly improved heat dissipation characteristics.  The fully cured tape is stiff, hard and springy with very good arc resistance.

The standard grade of Res-I-Glas banding tape (Type F) is used on motors with continuous operating temperatures as high as 220ºC and offers exceptional resin flow characteristics.  Other grades are also available for lower temperature applications and/or with higher resin content.  AG carries large stocks of Res-I-Glas banding tape in a variety of widths and lengths and can provide other, non-standard sizes upon request.