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R391 Electrical Compound

R391 Weatherproof Electrical Compound is a versatile, non-hardening plastic sealant that protects electrical connections from corrosive vapours and moisture. This putty can be moulded around terminals or connections or used to mechanically seal any enclosure. It is soft enough to be moulded around intricate contours or pressed into cavities yet also has the ability to withstand the dislodging effect of vibration whilst also preventing moisture creepage.

R391 does not harden on exposure to sunlight and will not shrink, crack or peel. It can be removed by hand, which makes it ideal for applications where cables may have to be removed at regular intervals. R391 does not emit toxic fumes and resists water permeation and attack from a range of media. It can withstand temperatures between -20°C and +80°C.

R391 has been commonly used in the following applications:

  • For the prevention of electrical leakage or shorts due to dampness
  • For the protection of electrical contacts against corrosion
  • As a filler for junction or conduit boxes
  • For the sealing of irregular openings, cable entries, screw threads and covers of electrical contacts against corrosion
  • In a number of non-electrical applications whenever a reliable, non-hardening moisture seal is required.

For more information on R391 Electrical Compound please contact you local AG branch or sales representative.

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