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Preformed Slot Wedges Made from Nomex

AG’s Preformed Slot Wedges made from Nomex® combine convenience with reliable, long lasting performance. Available in a wide range of sizes, these wedges are pressure formed so that they retain their designed shape without exhibiting any of Nomex’s® usual tendency to “spring back”.

AG’s Nomex® Wedges are available in two main styles; curved and square as well as two different thicknesses; 0.020” and 0.030”. All are made from 100% genuine Nomex® paper and are able to be used in motor’s rated up to 220ºC whilst still offering very high dielectric and mechanical strength.

Known alternatively as “Topsticks” or “Slotsticks”; all sizes of AG’s Preformed Slot Wedges made from Nomex® are supplied in solid cardboard tubes that allow for easy storage of a specific size. These tubes contain a total of 250 feet of Nomex® wedges cut into 36” lengths.

Available Sizes


Curve Formed Wedges

0.020″ Thick 0.030″ Thick
NHT-65-20 NHT-65-30
NHT-70-20 NHT-70-30
NHT-86-20 NHT-86-30
NHT-94-20 NHT-94-30
NHT-99-20 NHT-99-30
NHT-117-20 NHT-117-30
NHT-144-20 NHT-144-30
NHT-199-20 NHT-199-30


Square Formed Wedges

0.020″ Thick 0.030″ Thick
NHT-20-7-8 NHT-30-7-8
NHT-20-8-8 NHT-30-8-8
NHT-20-11-10 NHT-30-11-10
NHT-20-15-11 NHT-30-15-11
NHT-20-10-14 NHT-30-10-14
NHT-20-16-11 NHT-30-16-11
NHT-20-19-15 NHT-30-19-15
NHT-20-23-16 NHT-30-23-16
NHT-20-27-18 NHT-30-27-18


Nomex® is a registered trademark of DuPont™


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