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Prefilz 2082 B Stage Felt

Prefilz 2082 B Stage Felt is specialised and high quality electrical insulation material. Manufactured from a polyester felt base which has been impregnated with a large proportion of B-Stage epoxy resin, Prefilz 2082 exhibits excellent dielectric properties and good mechanical strength.

In its uncured form, this high quality electrical insulation material is highly flexible and can be easily rolled, cut or shaped. Upon curing , the resin in Prefilz 2082 will flow and harden to form a rigid and tough electrical insulation barrier.

Prefilz 2082 B Stage Felt is often used as a separator and filling material for the overhang parts of high voltage windings or for the economical production of moulded insulation parts. This material is used in 155ºC (Class F) rated high voltage electrical insulation applications.

Available Sizes

Prefilz 2082 is offered in 2.2mm thick as standard (though a 1mm thick variant is available on request). Manufactured in roll form (640mm wide x 10mtrs), AG offers this material by the roll (supplied with interleave to prevent premature bonding of the layers), metre or in slit tape or cut component form. Slit tapes can be arranged in custom widths ranging from about 12mm up whilst cut components, strips or shapes can be produced in any size required.