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Polyester Film

AG’s Polyester Film is a high quality grade of flexible film which exhibits excellent dielectric strength, good thermal stability, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, this material is highly flexible and easy to handle whilst resisting splitting when formed around tight turns.

Polyester Film is primarily used as electrical insulation in motors and transformers though it can also be utilised for the insulation of cables and as a base film for metalizing or as a mould release film. The range of thicknesses available coupled with the relatively low cost of this product has also led to it being utilised for such diverse applications as sails for model boats and in a variety of catering applications.

AG’s polyester film is utilised in 150ºC rated electrical environments and is available on rolls with a standard width of 1000mm. We offer this versatile product by the metre, kg or in full roll form whilst also being able to fabricate finished items for your application.

Customisation options include slit rolls (where length, width and even core size can be specified), intricately cut components and adhesive backed items. For more information on the full range of options available please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

Standard Thicknesses of AG’s Polyester Film

0.0127mm (0.0005”)

0.025mm (0.001”)

0.05mm (0.002”)

0.075mm (0.003”)

0.1mm (0.004”)

0.125mm (0.005”)

0.19mm (0.0075”)

0.254mm (0.010”)

0.3506mm (0.014”)*

0.3506mm is milky white in colour, all other thickness are clear.

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