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Plastic Motor Fans

AG’s range of plastic motor fans and bushes are designed to be versatile, economical and consistently high in quality. We recognise the breadth of motors passing through many repair shops, and the impracticality associated with holding specific sized fans for each. To counter this, the hubs for our plastic motor fans are supplied with a blank bore or “O” hub that can be easily machined to match non-standard shaft sizes. The hub can then be inserted from either the concave or the convex surface of the fan to snap firmly into place using the fans locking mechanism.

This design has been followed to ensure maximum compatibility whilst maintaining structural integrity in application. To further ensure this is achieved both fan and hub are manufactured from polypropylene and will experience the same expansion and shrink rates throughout their service life, maintaining the integrity of the hub to fan link. For extra versatility, all of AG’s fan hubs have been designed to fit two different sizes of fan to allow less stock to be held.

Available Sizes

Plastic Motor Fans
Fan Code Nominal Dia. Nominal Height
BF10 122mm 26mm
BF20 132mm 26mm
BF30 167mm 33mm
BF40 171mm 37mm
BF50 216mm 46mm
BF60 246mm 56mm
BF70 298mm 56mm
BF80 333mm 56mm


Plastic Motor Fan Hubs
Hub Code Fits Fans
BF 10/20 BF10 & BF20
BF 30/40 BF30 & BF40
BF 50/60 BF50 & BF60
BF 70/80 BF70 & BF80


Hubs are available in variable bore sizes. For more information please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.