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Marigold 9944 Packing

Marigold 9944 Packing is an excellent, all-round packing capable of service in a variety of different applications and conditions. Manufactured from specialised fibreglass yarns that are impregnated with a concentrated blend of PTFE and inert, silicone-free lubricant. The result is a highly durable and resilient packing used in centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating pumps.

To provide this durability, the base (electrical grade) fibreglass yarns used in Marigold 9944 Packing are both volumised and slightly twisted before being interlock braided for maximum strength. In addition, the proprietary lubricant provides extremely low friction during both start-up and operation which results in less wear and tear.

Marigold 9944 Packing is utilised in applications with operating temperatures between -50ºC and 280ºC and where the media has a pH value of 2-12. It is often employed in contact with mild acids and alkalis, steam, water, salt water, brine, petroleum, synthetic oils, solvents or abrasive slurries.

When used in Centrifugal or Rotating Pumps, Marigold 9944 Packing has a listed shaft speed rating of 10 MPS and a pressure rating of 20 bar. This contrasts with when it is employed in reciprocating or piston pumps where it has a shaft speed rating of 2 MPS and a pressure rating of 40 bar.

Available Sizes

Marigold 9944 Packing is available from your local AG in sizes ranging from 6mm² through to 25mm². Standard pack sizes are 8mtrs in length though other lengths can also be provided upon request.