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Marigold 9907 Packing

Marigold 9907 Packing is a high temperature pump and valve packing used in a wide variety of service types. This grade is braided from volumised and twisted electrical grade fibreglass yarns that are subsequently impregnated with a specialised blend of graphite, break-in lubricants and corrosion inhibitors.

A highly durable packing with excellent resilience, Marigold 9907 Packing is typically employed in centrifugal, rotary or reciprocating pumps as well as in valves.

This packing exhibits good resistance to temperatures up to 500ºC and to media with a pH valve of 2-12. It is often used in conjunction with mild acids, mild alkalis, industrial air, water, salt water, combustion gases, fumes, petroleum, synthetic oils as well as aliphatic and aromatic solvents. It is not suited to use with steam.

This highly versatile compression packing exhibits very low friction during both start up and operation and provides excellent, long lasting performance.

Construction Plait Braided
Temperature Rating 500ºC
pH Range 2 – 12
Shaft Speed Rating 1 MPS (Valves) / 10 MPS (Pumps)
Pressure Rating 200 BAR (Valves) / 20 BAR (Pumps)


Available Sizes

Marigold 9907 Packing is available from AG in sizes ranging from 6mm² through to 25mm². Standard pack sizes are 8mtrs in length though other lengths can also be provided upon request.