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Isoval HKB Epoxy Glass Laminate

Isoval HKB Epoxy Glass Laminate is a temperature resistant epoxy laminate prepared from fibreglass cloth impregnated with a special tracking resistant epoxy resin. HKB offers excellent mechanical and thermal properties at elevated temperatures as well as good chemical resistance. Commonly used as an electrical insulation material in rotating machines, switches and transformers, Isoval HKB also offers excellent tracking resistance that enables it to be used in areas where surface contamination occurs and there is a high risk of electrical arcing. The laminate has a comparative tracking index of CTI 600.

Isoval HKB is a high quality insulation board that meets or exceeds the requirements of a number of international standards that include: IEC 60893 EP GC 306 and EP GC 308, DIN 7735 Hgw 2372.4 and NEMA LI 1 G11.

Available Sizes of Isoval HKB

Isoval HKB Epoxy Glass Laminate is stocked by AG in a range of different sheets thicknesses and sizes. It is light green in colour and standard sheet size is 2140mm x 1040mm however we are able to offer this high quality laminate in cut, thicknessed or machined component form based on the specific size requirements of your application. For more information on how AG can help with your exact requirements please do not hesitate to contact your local branch.


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