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Isoval FR4-HF Epoxy Glass Laminate

Isoval FR4-HF is a specialised grade of epoxy glass laminate which is free of halogens, antimony, nitrogen, phosphor and sulphur. This is a UL listed material (file no. E236557) that also meet the non-corrosive requirements for conflagration gases stipulated under VDE 0472/ part 813 whilst also featuring a limiting temperature of > 180ºC. AG can provide Isoval FR4-HF in sheet or cut component form to match the needs of your application.

In addition to its UL listing, Isoval FR4-HF also meets the requirements of the following international standards: IEC 60893 EP GC 202, DIN 7735 Hgw 2372.1, NEMA LI 1 FR 4 and BS 3953 EP-4.