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Isoval 200 Epoxy Glass Laminate

Produced using high quality glass fibres impregnated with a high temperature version of the Isoval epoxy, Isoval 200 Epoxy Glass Laminate is a physically strong electrical insulation laminate capable of serving in applications requiring a 200ºC class insulation. This long lasting insulation material offers outstanding thermal endurance in elevated temperature environments along with good chemical resistance and high mechanical strength.

AG carries stock of Isoval 200 in a range of different thicknesses. With the benefit of our extensive cutting, machining and thicknessing capabilities, we are also able to offer Isoval 200 in custom component form. Isoval 200 is often utilised in the precision manufacture of insulating slot wedges, slot filler strips and insulating blocks for high temperature armatures in addition to countless other electrical, thermal and mechanical applications.

In addition to these relatively standard applications, the extremely good flexural and compressive strength offered by Isoval 200 at high temperatures enables it to also be used in applications that were traditionally covered by polyimides. The chemical resistance of this material also makes it an ideal for the production of construction components in the chemical industry.

Isoval 200 Epoxy Glass Laminate meets or exceeds the requirements of a number of international standards including: NEMA LI 1 G11, DIN 7735 Hgw 2372.4, BS 3953 EP 5 and EP 7, and IEC 60893 EP GC 203.