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Isoval 11 Epoxy Glass Laminate

Isoval 11 Epoxy Glass Laminate is a high quality electrical insulation board which offers excellent thermal endurance and outstanding mechanical and electrical insulation performance. Manufactured from layers of glass cloth that are impregnated using the temperature resistant version of the Isoval epoxy system, Isoval 11 Epoxy Glass Laminate is widely used in applications that require a tough and strong electrical insulation material able to be used in 180ºC rated systems.

Isoval 11 is one of the most common choices for the manufacture of precision slot wedges and is frequently used in the manufacture of cheek plates, slot liners and insulating blocks for applications which demand a tough electrical insulator capable of long-lasting performance in elevated temperatures.

Isoval 11 meets or exceeds the requirements of a number of international standards including: NEMA LI 1 G11, BS 3953 EP5 and EP 7, DIN 7735 Hgw 2372.4 and IEC 60893 EP GC 203 and EP GC 308.

Available Sizes

AG carries an enormous range of Isoval 11 Epoxy Glass Laminiate sheet stock with standard sizes ranging from 0.2mm through to 100mm. Full sheets are 2140mm / 1040mm though half sheets and custom sized pieces can be supplied.

We couple this enormous range of sizes with our extensive cutting, machining and thicknessing capabilities to be able to offer not only sheet, but also machined components to meet the precise needs of your application.

For a similar epoxy glass laminate with even higher temperature resistance, please consider our Isoval 200 Epoxy Glass Laminate.