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Finger Saver

The Finger Saver is a safety tool designed to keep hands away from the impact position of the hammer on flogging spanners (control over spanner is ensured even in difficult to reach places) and from pinch points when using impact wrenches and hydraulic torque equipment.

It can be held by you, or it can be held in position by a work mate to further reduce the risk of injury. The Finger Saver tool allows you to mitigate any risk involved in the task at hand, giving you the confidence to perform the work activity safely. A very easy to use product, Finger Savers increase worker safety without unduly slowing down jobs or being so cumbersome that their use is avoided.

The Finger Saver is made from a high grade, high strength plastic moulded outer shell, seat belt grade holding strap and moulded high grade rubber tensioner. This combination of premium grade materials ensures that the Finger Saver will provide long lasting performance and withstand the stress of demanding and repeated tensioning work.

Available Sizes

AG offers these safety tools in three lengths: Compact (295mm – Ideal for Toolboxes), Standard (350mm) and Large (900mm) with custom sizes and configurations available upon request. We even offer a Finger Saver brand high-strength Lanyard to ensure that the tool cannot be dropped when working at heights.

For more information on our Finger Savers, including use instructions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.