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Fiber-Tek B Stage Surge Rope

Fiber-Tek B Stage Surge Rope is a high quality grade of specialised electrical insulation rope used for surge ring and other structural applications that require a rigid insulating and high strength material. Fiber-Tek Surge Rope is manufactured from a glass yarn core that has been impregnated with a thermosetting modified polyester resin and overbraided with a spun polyester fibre that encapsulates the core.

Highly flexible in its uncured state, this rope can be turned, flexed and installed with ease. This flexibility allows our Fiber-Tek Surge Rope to be tied into tight knots; eliminating the need for additional protection around the coils. The polyester over braid is easy to work with, durable and does not irritate the user.

Fiber-Tek B Stage Surge Rope has a high tensile strength and a 35% resin content. This high proportion of resin ensures good flowability and, once cured, ensures a highly rigid surge ring is created. White in colour, AG offers Fiber-Tek B Stage Surge rope in sizes ranging from 6.4mm Ø (1/4”) to 21.9mm Ø (7/8”) as standard. Our standard rolls are either 33mtrs (100ft) for the smaller sizes or 15.2mtrs (50ft) for the larger diameters though other sizes and lengths are available upon request.

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