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Feinmicaglas 0986 End Winding Insulation Tape

Manufactured from quality mica paper and a glass cloth carrier, Feinmicaglas 0986 has a PET film on both sides of the tape.  The high flexibility of this tape allows it to be applied around tight bends and shapes whilst its ability to retain this flexibility after curing ensures that components insulated with Feinmicaglas 0986 can be shaped and formed afterwards without damaging the tape.

Feinmicaglas 0986 is typically used for the insulation of single conductors, armature conductors and overhangs on traction motors and DC machines whilst also being used as endwinding insulation for high voltage motors and generators with a maximum operating temperature of 155ºC.  0986 can also be provided in cut component, by the metre or log roll forms.