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Elmotherm 083-1980 Baking Varnish

Elmotherm 083-1980 Baking Varnish is a solvented, specially modified isophthalic varnish with long term tank stability. This quality impregnating varnish is used for insulating motors, transformers and equipment rated for service up to 180ºC (Class H).

This high quality and reliable varnish has been engineered to provide a good, hard but resilient finish whilst also offering excellent penetration and exceptionally high bond strength. Elmotherm 083-1980 Baking Varnish exhibits excellent chemical and water resistance and is compatible with a wide variety of insulation product and systems.

Typical Applications for
Elmotherm 083-1980

Elmotherm 083-1980 Baking Varnish is an ideal impregnant for all kinds of transformers, stators and coils and, with extended stoving, most armatures and rotors where good bond strength at elevated temperatures is required.

Performance Characteristics
Appearance Clear Amber / Brown Liquid
Viscosity 130-165 secs @ 50% solids
(B4 4 flow cup @ 21ºC)
Specific Gravity 0.93 g/cm³
Gelation Time 1 hour @ 165ºC
Cure Schedule 4 hours @ 160ºC
Flash Point 38ºC



Elmotherm 083-1980 can be used for impregnation at either ambient temperatures or after components have been pre-heated. If the components are pre-heated, care should be taken to ensure the varnish is not exposed to temperatures in excess of 40ºC. This will ensure excellent penetration whilst minimising solvent loss from the tank.

For more information on proper methods for applying, processing and maintaining Elmotherm 083-1980 varnish, please consult the appropriate TDS and SDS for this varnish.

Available Sizes

Elmotherm 083-1980 Baking Varnish is available from Associated Gaskets in either 20kg or 180kg drums. For more information on this high quality solvented varnish, or assistance with selecting the best varnish for your electrical repair work, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

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